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How to Repair an Earphone Jack in less than 10 minutes - The HelpGurus

How to Repair an Earphone Jack in less than 10 minutes

 Hello everyone,  today I'm going to show how to fix earphone most common issue which is earphone jack problems. Please just make the issue with your earphone is the earphone before taking this procedures.
CAUTION: This article is only for people who have an experienced knowledge of soldering. Don't try this at your home if you don't have enough knowledge about soldering, just save some money and get a new earphone. Be careful from the electricity shock!
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 After taking note of that, let's continue. Repairing Earphone jack requires three tools, which are:
  1. Soldering iron
  2. Soldering wire
  3. Tweezers 
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How to repair an Earphone Jack in Four Steps

  1.   First detach all wires from the jack and you will find four colors of wires which are green, blue, red (orange) and yellow (gold).                                    
    How to Repair an Earphone Jack 2020 
  2.  There are four connections are seen in the earphone jack. Let the ending point is the point-1 which will be connected to the green wire and according to this point-2 point-3 and  point-4 will be connected to red, yellow and blue wires.           
  3.  Now the wires are being soldered with jack following the color combination explained in step 2. After soldering all wires with jack properly, the earphone is ready to use but you still need to protect yourself and you need to hold it to prevent the the soldered wires to loosen itself.                                                                          
  4.  To protect yourself from harm and also cover the exposed the wires, all you need to do is  tape the soldering wires and then cover it with the jack of the earphone jack, if you no longer have the jacket, it's still okay, just double tape the wires and cover it completely.                                    
    earphone problem

Now the Earphone is all good and ready to use.

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  1. Hey HelpGurus ,

    Great post with effective tips to repair an earphone jack in less time. I truly like the steps that you have suggested.

    It is true that earphone jack problems are common issues that we face in our daily life. Soldering iron, tweezers and soldering wire are the essential tools for repairing the earphone jack. Having a complete knowledge of soldering is truly vital.

    Your each of the suggested steps to repair an earphone jack are so clear and easy to understand. Following these steps will be helpful and allows to sort out the earphone jack issues.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.



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